Gwen Welch-Slaff

My practice is tailored to each unique individual, couple, group or family that we have the honor to help. I provide you with a comfortable and relaxed setting, confidentiality and safety, warmth, humor and a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goals and realize your full potential. I am open to working with whatever your concerns are and to who you are without judgment. I will guide you through your healing journey with patience and empathy as we explore together the patterns you want to change or the uncomfortable feelings you need to process. I welcome your feedback along the way and we will provide you with connection and support. Upon completion of our work together, you will find that unhealthy lifelong patterns are released, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, weight issues and addictions are a thing of the past, relationships are healthier and peace within yourself is achieved.

As a result of our work together you will often find yourself more fulfilled not only in your relationships but also in your work life as you experience more success both financially and personally within your career.